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Our People

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The company clearly recognizes the fact that our people are our most valuable asset, and our group is fortunate to have a dynamic team, with a mix of experience, and youthful initiative.

Human Resources, and intellectual or management value, has become a fundamental component to many companies survival . We are constantly striving to identify and retain our most talented and skilled staff, as it is this key ingredient that allows us to compete in our demanding, and fast track industry.

We are proud to offer the following highly qualified internal professionals that work full time for the company:

  • Construction and Project Management services with two Bsc (Hs) qualified employees
  • A full in house Quantity Surevying team, with two registered PQs Professional and 5 junior QS’s
  • Two qualified Civil Engineering employees
  • Vast practical on site experience with our highly experienced construction foremen

We have also extensive partnerships with a number of external professionals in the architecture and structural engineering fields, where we are able to draw upon their expertise and implement in our Turnkey developments.

We are committed to maintaining a stable and motivated workforce, placing a high priority on continually developing their expertise. Employee advancement, appreciation, and recognition, has a direct bearing on improved productivity and profitability which makes our company more competitive, whilst producing a quality end product to our clients.



Contact Us


Gilead Farm, Meisies Halt
East London


043 732 1400


043 732 1402